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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Introducing the Kellermann Bullet Atto – “small, powerful and perfectly formed!”

Aachen, Germany based manufacturer Kellermann GmbH have added to their award-winning, popular, premium bullet lights program with a new design - the Bullet Atto, an extremely small and spectacularly bright indicator.

Company CEO Dr. Stefan Wöste says: “‘The Bullet Atto is compact with excellent illuminating power and is our smallest indicator ever.”
The light surface of the Atto would fit four times on a 1 Cent coin – this reduction in indicator unit size offers completely new styling options for the motorcycle. “In fact, the Bullet Atto basically disappears on the motorcycle. This indicator will only grab the attention when it really has to!”
The Bullet Atto flashes with the intensity of Kellermann’s larger, but still quite discreet, bullet lights with “maximum illuminating power at minimal size, in short - sensationally small, spectacularly bright!

The optimized light channelling is managed through a smart system of lenses and reflectors. In addition to Kellermann’s established high power LED technology, their R&D team used new EXtranz technology for the first time - Extreme Optical Transparency technology.
The complete electronics of the Bullet Atto are in the casing; this indicator can be plugged into the 12 volt net directly, and is approved (in Europe) as front or rear indicator.
Suitable for 12 volt DC applications, the integrated circuit-operated 330 KHz design is protected by long life “Protection Guard”. The company, having been a target for product counterfeiting in the past, has their design and technology covered by European Design Protection; the Atto (a metric unit prefix denoting a factor of 10 to the -18 … in other words, very small!) is manufactured in a high-quality metal housing and mounts with a M5 x 0.5 x 6.5 fastening screw.