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Monday, 18 September 2017


Street 750 twin shock upgrade

British suspension manufacturer Nitron has added to their fast growing list of Harley and custom applications with a twin shock upgrade for the Street 750, 2015 onwards. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory fitted units, the Nitron shocks offer a very wide range of both damping settings and pre-load adjustment.

Classic Twin
Stealth Twin
Twin Web

The well proven Nitron gas pressurized monotube damping system is said to “offer all riders immediate improvements in both handling and ride, making the bike much more comfortable, controlled and usable under hard and prolonged conditions with shocks that are individually factory tested, tuned and set up specifically for the model concerned.
“For more confident, more demanding riders the easy to use combined compression and rebound damping adjustment offers the ability for them to tailor the suspension settings to their own requirements and ensure they are getting the full potential from the bike.”
For quick and easy ride height adjustment and set-up, both spring pre-load and overall length are both externally adjustable. Color-conscious owners can also choose between the ‘Standard’ Nitron blue colored spring, the subtler ‘classic’ titanium black spring option, or the full black body and black spring ‘Stealth’ option.
They have a 35 mm large piston monotube design, 24-click combined compression and rebound damping adjustment, are Nitrogen gas pressurized, have adjustable length and pre-load settings, hard anodized titanium finish aluminum body, 14 mm induction hardened, super polished piston rod, progressive cellular bumpstop, Teflon lined ultimate low friction spherical bearings and ‘FLEXaLIGHT’ coated silicone steel springs.
All Nitron shocks are fully serviceable, rebuildable and backed up by a worldwide service center network.


Drag Specialties NVP Part 2

James Gaskets: After a year-long analysis of the operational characteristics of Harley’s 2017 Tourer engine, the market leading Dayton, Nevada based V-Twin gaskets and seals specialist is set to launch an all-new M-8 program for the 2018 season;


TechnoReseach: The Royal Oak, Michigan based tuning specialist has added over 25 new features to its arsenal for its ‘Centurion’ branded diagnostic tool. For the 2018 license additions include new tire pressure monitoring system features, carburetor tuning, ECU cloning features for blank ECU replacements and oil/chassis fan enable and disable. It has also released a new product, Centurion-Audio HD, which is the only tool on the market geared specifically for audio purposes;


Battistini Custom Cycle: Orange, California based designer Rikki Battistini’s ‘Leading Axle’ fork legs take their inspiration from 1970s motocross. They feature an axle that is offset over 1 1/2” forward and around 1/2” lower, “to give a perfect trail when fitting a 23” front wheel to any touring bike.” Described as a “true bolt-on part,” ‘Leading Axle’ fork legs simply replace the stock lower legs without the need to remove the fairing, trees or change the frame geometry – “the ‘Leading Axle’ fork leg has the corrected trail built right into the leg.” Utilizing the stock brakes, fender and all fork internals, Rikki says they can be replaced in under two hours;


Ciro: There aren’t many businesses in the V-Twin market experiencing the kind of growth that Hudson, Wisconsin based Ciro is seeing. From ‘Fang’ branded LED lighting through to performance, comfort and styling accessories, the company was founded three years ago by Aero Rudd, the son of industry legend and one of the original founders of Drag Specialties, Tom Rudd. Aero says that “Ciro strives to manufacture the highest quality parts possible and stands behind everything we do. We are always pushing the envelope to find or create the latest technology and manufacturing processes. We are immersed in a culture of creative energy that manifests itself in the highest quality components in the industry”;


Brouhard Designs: New design series from the Grass Valley, California based manufacturer include ‘Bomber’ and ‘Spiro’ floorboards, foot control and covers programs;


Rick’s Motorsport Electrics: The Hampstead, New Hampshire based specialist manufacturer has come a long way in the past 35 plus years. Internationally recognized as a manufacturer and distributor of quality electrical motorsport parts and components, Drag Specialties offer their dealers access to new (not exchange or reconditioned) cost-effective direct replacement high performance Rick’s rectifiers/regulators that are built to exceed OEM specifications. Part of their market-leading ‘Hot Shot’ series, they feature MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) technology, so they run cooler than OE, which equates to a longer lasting, more durable design. Rick’s is also offering a new line of H-D regulators that are made in the USA to OEM specs;


Belt Drives Limited (BDL): Recent news from the Anaheim, California based manufacturer includes its  new CC-140-BB Competitor clutch conversion for Sportsters. The 140 version of its “industry standard setting” Competitor clutch series was developed exclusively for stock ‘91 and later Sportster clutch baskets. BDL’s patented ball bearing lock-up clutch is said to significantly lighten pull at the lever while providing smooth, slip-free lock-up. Each unit incorporates a designated number of steel ball bearings set in a model-specific diaphragm assembly. Conversion is a straightforward install, replacing the factory pressure plate, springs and hub;


Trask Performance: Products currently available through Drag Specialties include Trask’s ‘Assault’ series parts and accessories, such as bar risers, air cleaners, 2-into-1 exhausts, plus FL chain conversion kits, a Hi-Flow fuel rail and harness, fuel regulator housings, slip-ons for Scout and Victory, Twin Cam billet clutch baskets and ‘V-Line’ designs such as brake levers, bag latches, brake pedal pads, chin spoilers, and passenger and rider floorboards for Harley and Indian applications;


Ken’s Factory: Now available through Drag Specialties, Kenji Nagai’s award-winning product line of ‘Neo Fusion’ designs includes custom floorboards, risers, triple trees, one-piece clamps, grips and pegs, intakes, exhausts, covers, bagger products and lighting;

Design Engineering Inc.

DEI helps cool off the red hot Slingshot

Avon Lake, Ohio based thermal barrier and sound control specialist Design Engineering is now offering a custom-cut, 11-piece heat management kit for the Polaris Slingshot.

With its compact design and four-cylinder engine, the muffler, catalytic converter and exhaust manifold of the Slingshot all reside in close proximity to one another on the right side of the vehicle. This concentration of heat easily transfers into the passenger area – potentially cooking the floor and driver.
After some R&D work with a range of thermal and acoustic materials, DEI has developed a kit that is said to “address all of the heat and noise issues,” according to DEI Powersports VP of Marketing and Sales Tom Miller.    
The kit includes a double walled main heat shield, a single walled floorpan heat shield, nine additional pieces to cover the transmission tunnel, rocker panels and center console. “The end result is a cooler and quieter Slingshot, allowing for longer rides and improved rider comfort.”
Founded in 1995, DEI is a major manufacturer and supplier of high-performance automotive aftermarket products selling worldwide to all sectors of the international powersports market and specializes in the development of thermal and acoustic performance products.


Barnett Clutches & Cables

Clutch kit for 2017 FL Touring models

Ventura, California based manufacturer Barnett Clutches & Cables has responded quickly to one of the commonly heard complaints about Harley's 2017 M-8 powered Tourers, namely that the existing stock clutch set-up could do with some help to handle the additional power available from the new engine.

This direct-fit upgrade clutch kit for the 2017 Harley-Davidson FL Touring models is just the latest in a long line of stock upgrades offered by Barnett down the years. It features Barnett’s segmented Kevlar friction plates, which are designed for more oil flow, longer life and smoother clutch operation.
Also included are 10 Kevlar friction plates, 9 tempered steel drive plates and a set of three heavy duty clutch springs. Barnett say all their kits are quality checked for exact stack height prior to packaging to guarantee proper fit and optimal performance. Barnett tempered steel drive plates go through a vibratory deburring process and are then checked for flatness; heavy duty Barnett clutch springs are pre-set, shot-peened and heat treated for performance and durability. Made in-house by Barnett.


Avon Motorcycle Tyres

Avon adds new Cobra touring sizes

Leading custom tire manufacturer Avon has added to its ever popular Cobra range of touring tires with two new fronts (130/60B19 and 130/60B21) and two new rears (160/70B17 and 180/55B18).

Avon has two new front and rear Cobra touring sizes

A firm favorite with custom shops, custom bike builders and performance custom engineers, Avon’s Cobras were introduced in 2007 as a replacement line for the venerable Venoms. Described as delivering “style and performance for cruisers, customs and tourers,” they are backed by Avon’s Road Hazard Warranty program and 15,000 mile warranty.
The construction is said to incorporate sports tire technology for nimble handling with a “special construction to deal with heavy loads.” They are said to have “incredible stability and longevity, making them perfect for touring with their snakeskin effect sidewalls and Cobra head on the shoulders adding a great custom styling touch to any V-twin.”


Noted as “ultra-quiet” tires, Avon offers extra wide sizes for custom applications in a wide range of sizes for Harley-Davidson’s V-Rod and V-Twin Baggers, Triumph’s Rocket III, Honda’s Goldwing and Valkyrie, as well as the sizes for custom bike applications.
Avon is currently also introducing a new size for Adventure sport models (150/70R18) and the Spirit ST - a new sport touring range.


JRi Shocks

JRi Shocks launches Harley fork cartridges

Mooresville, North Carolina based JRi Shocks has introduced fork cartridges to round out a Harley-Davidson suspension product line that includes standard and single adjustable rear shocks – these new fork cartridges are tuned to work in unison with JRi rear shocks.
“Customer demand drove us to add this to our product line. I put as much time, detail and attention into this product as I do with any high-performance racing product. I was so impressed with the fork cartridges and with the first time testing, showing that this addition could make you forget you’re riding a 700 plus pound motorcycle,” says Jeff Ryan, JRi Shocks’ founder and Technical Director.
The JRi fork cartridges replace all of the Harley-Davidson fork internals for the Glide family, model years 2014 to 2017, and are constructed from all aluminum aircraft grade parts. The piston design allows for “dynamic low speed and high-speed control, improving front brake diving, stability, cornering and bottoming control,” according to Ryan.
Founded by Ryan in 2007, JRi Shocks offer shock systems for all vehicle platforms, including, but not limited to, drag racing, motorcycle, off-road, road racing, short track racing, stock car racing, street performance, OEM needs, and other transportation platforms such as planes, boats and trains, bio-mechanical/cyborg devices and numerous applications within the defense/military sector.


J.W. Speaker

Adapt and evolve

The J.W. Speaker Adaptive Series headlights represent a genuine evolution in motorcycle headlights, described by the Germantown, Wisconsin based manufacturer as “the world’s first dynamically adaptive motorcycle headlight,” designed to address the issues of lighting blind spots created by fixed lights when a motorcycle is leaning or cornering.”

The Adaptive Series headlights use on-board sensors and advanced electronics to calculate bank angles on a real-time basis, automatically directing the light array up or down as the motorcycle leans. This additional illumination fills the gaps that stock headlights leave when cornering at night - intelligently “tuning” low beam and banking optics in a way that maximizes visibility in corners.

These adaptive headlights are designed with an integrated optical system that includes both an adaptive low beam as well as J.W. Speaker’s proprietary ComfortLite high beam. Together these optics are said to provide best-in-class foreground illumination and light above the horizon that dramatically improves operator comfort and safety for night-time driving.
Made with a heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing, state-of-the-art LEDs and “sleek design that not only delivers premium performance, but also gives the bike a truly unique look!”
Available as a plug ‘n’ play solution for 7″ round motorcycle fairings and 5.75″ round bucket mounts, they are DOT and ECE dual-compliant, and 18 different fitment kits available to make them a simple retrofit install on over 1,000 different motorcycles.”


Öhlins Racing

Retro 43

Swedish suspension specialist Öhlins offers a 43 mm conventional universal fork for any custom bike builder who wants to give the bike “supreme suspension performance.”

Featuring the familiar Öhlins Racing design in black or the well known Öhlins gold version, inside the fork is their proven and well known NIX technology, which features compression damping in the left leg and rebound damping in the right leg.
This allows for stable damping characteristics due to positive pressure build-up and a more precise adjustment, since the separated circuits don’t affect each other - adjustment for compression, rebound and spring preload are all easily and externally accessible at the top caps.
The company says that “this fork delivers stable characteristics while ensuring great bump absorption to give the rider a smooth and comfortable ride. The fork bottoms are delivered without brake caliper and fender mountings, which enables the fork to be easily adapted to various applications and models by the bike builder.”
These forks have a 130 mm stroke, 800 mm length, 43 mm triple clamp diameter and 9.5 N/mm spring rate with a range of optional spring rates available.


Sena Technologies

Bluetooth integrated half-helmet

Introduced earlier this year, Sena Technologies says its new DOT approved ‘Cavalry’ half-helmet is a ‘step change’ in motorcycle audio and communications. Rather than a helmet that can accept a Bluetooth system, the ‘Cavalry’ comes fully equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology integrated into the helmet to meet the connectivity needs of those motorcycle riders who prefer an alternate to riding with a full-face shell.

Described by Sena as an “all-in-one helmet and Bluetooth communicator,” riders can hook up their phone, answer calls, listen to music and even hear GPS navigation instructions clearly and use the built-in half-helmet Bluetooth intercom to talk with up to four other riders up to 900 meters (1,000 yards) away. With up to 10 hours talk time, the ‘Cavalry’ comes equipped with HD quality speakers and is engineered with Sena’s ‘Advanced Noise Control’ technology for wind noise reduction and a wide volume control. It also comes with optional ear pads in order to boost audio reception. 

It can be linked to the Sena Smartphone App, available for free in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play, which will enable configuring of device settings, creating FM radio and speed dial presets, and to access their interactive Quick Start Guide. The ‘Cavalry’ is firmware upgradable and comes with Sena’s two-year warranty.


in Europe

Ballistic Performance Components

Lightweight ‘Evo Power’ system options by Ballistic

Summerville, South Carolina based Ballistic Performance Components’ 16 volt ‘Evo Power’ high-performance, lightweight, lithium-ion starter battery system comes “complete with everything you need to charge, maintain and monitor your EVO3 battery – perfect for American V-twins that require more cranking amps to start modified big cubic inch motors.” 

The system kit includes a state of the art Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) EVO3 battery that is said to be up to 15lb lighter than the stock battery and an OptiMate EVO maintenance charger and EVO health monitor.
The maintenance charger “keeps the EVO battery at the perfect voltage for maximum battery life, a must for modern American V-twins with high parasitic draw.” It gives “at a glance” indications of the battery’s voltage and connects directly to the EVO maintenance charger.
For applications used in cold environments or with high-performance modifications, Ballistic recommends using their 24 volt EVO ‘MAX POWER’ systems with EVO3 batteries that have higher burst cranking amps. Batteries are shipped at 30% state of capacity.
“Left unattended, with nothing drawing from the Ballistic EVO battery, our customers can expect a static discharge rate of less than 10% over a 12-month period. This is incredibly efficient. The problem is, most modern powersports vehicles have some parasitic draw from the battery when the switch is off. This parasitic draw kills batteries in powersports vehicles. Traditional trickle chargers of questionable quality are simply not up to the task of maintaining advanced lithium-ion batteries,” said Ballistic Director of Sales and Marketing, Chip Spalding.
“Our solution is a partnership with industry leader TecMate to provide the ultra-high quality OptiMate 1 lithium charger and state of the art EVO health monitor with our EVO3 battery. The package delivers everything needed to get maximum power and battery life from the EVO battery.”


Friday, 15 September 2017

Hawg Halters Inc.

Bolt-on Neck Rake Kit for 26 inch front wheels

Dahlonega, Georgia based Hawg Halters has released the first details of a new X-26 bolt-on Neck Rake Kit for 26 inch front wheel installation. 

Designed and manufactured in their facility using USA produced 6061-T6 billet aluminum and 4150 high strength steel alloy, this “leading edge, multi-piece neck design delivers unmatched strength and secure attachment. 

“Based on proven press fit technology, the result is perfect frame alignment, maximum assembly and installation rigidity and superior performance.” 
The X-26 is a complete bolt-on solution for the dealer or custom shop that does not want to cut and weld a customer’s chassis. “This precise bolt-on Neck Rake Kit allows you to convert your customer’s ride easily and get it back on the road with a minimum delay and loss of seat time. There are no warranties voided, no potential for error, and installations can be reversed if necessary.”
The HHI kit is compatible with factory suspension using stock clearances and suspension travel or any custom air suspension system. Kits fit 1996 - present Road Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide and Road King applications.
The X-26 delivers a 38-degree rake, 5.50” frame clearance and 6.40” trail for “exceptional handling and stability.”


Comment by Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

“A more conceptually open approach to motorcycle customization” – exactly!

The quote is from Bob Kay who, in his role as the “Custom Culture” Director for the MIC, is hosting a series of round table and panel discussions at some of the new generation of custom shows in the United States – specifically it is from a report that Kay prepared recently, following a round table and panel discussion at the Revival Cycles’ Handbuilt Show at Austin, Texas, in April.

The quote goes on to say: “Celebrating diversity in contemporary expression, combining form and function with multiple style cues. ‘Custom Culture’ expands the traditional view of V-twin custom trends to include multiple brand and engine configurations for new interpretations.”
The purpose of the paper he wrote was, if possible, to offer up a definition of what exactly “Custom Culture” is in the changing landscape of new generation entrants to custom bike building and the dramatic changes we have seen in the bikes being customized.
The purpose of the round table and panel discussions that Bob has been hosting is to give the “New Gen” a forum in which they can share their views with likeminded souls, and have those views heard by the wider custom motorcycle community of which they are now an important part.
As initiatives go, it is incredibly important, and the prospects that it represents for feeding near market intel into an industry event such as AIMExpo and an industry association such as the MIC, is fundamental to helping the “New Gen” shape their own businesses as their initial youth customer base ages, and fundamental for the wider custom industry to understand who their next chrome mirror, cam or custom bike sale may be coming from.
When the AMD World Championship program started to morph away from the orthodox roots that had birthed it, in particular when the meaning of what was at the time the first “Freestyle Class” concept became apparent, the inappropriate nature of custom show orthodoxy in the ‘noughties’ was laid bare for all to see as the force of design and engineering conservatism that it was.

 “Freestyle was an evolutionary platform”

The “Freestyle” concept provided an evolutionary platform for the emergence of board trackers and ‘Retro’ in general, and as it took hold across the show scene, the stage was set for evolution to become revolution with the proliferation of platforms being customized. The downturn burned away the previous assumptions of what a custom bike could and should be, and laid down bare fertile new soil for the assumption, preconception and structure-free market that Millennials now embrace.
They may well be a “lost generation” as far as the cash registers of the established custom parts and accessory market is concerned, but the incredibly good news about the revolution is that personal expression through the form and function of customized motorcycles (and therefore the future of the concept itself) has been rescued and moved on for generations of post-Boomer consumers to embrace and enjoy.
Without the evolution (some would say destruction) of the old orthodoxies, there never could have been a new and relevant shape to the market.
In my dialogs with Bob Kay, one big topic has been the emergence of a legally enshrined “Right to Modify” in Europe, and the absence of any such legal entitlement in the United States. Bob told me recently that the panel discussion opportunities have started to “give the emerging young American builders and other influential players in the American custom scene an opportunity for the participants” and that “the quality of the discussions and the sincerity of their intentions bear a remarkable resemblance to where the Boomer driven market itself got started.”
This year Bob was asked to give a presentation to the MIC’s Aftermarket committee about “what I had learned from these meetings, my research on the evolving custom bike scene and its influence on the overall motorcycle market.” The custom scene is alive, and with the likes of Garage Brewed, Mama Tried, Hand Built, The One, Born Free and others, it has a structure and a voice.
“Yes, it has evolved. Entry into this scene is no longer limited to V-twin enthusiasts, and it is more closely aligned with younger generation riders - Millennials and younger, who are primed to grow into the largest demographic opportunity for motorcycling. These proto-consumers value motorcycles for the experiences they create and the adventures that contribute to their lifestyle.
“The bottom line is that the MIC recognizes the value this demographic offers the future of our industry and the importance of bringing customizers, racers and enthusiasts together to protect our ‘Right to Modify’.
“AIMExpo represents a first for our industry – the first time in the history of the American motorcycle market that our industry trade show is being run by our industry trade organization. The MIC is a non-profit, so for the first time the profits from show revenues and other benefits created by show activity go directly to the support of our industry.
“All motivations for show policy, whether location, presentation or content, are based on what is best for our industry as opposed to some third party entity’s interests.
“The Championship of the Americas is the center piece of the Custom Culture Pavilion, and that concept fulfils a request from the industry for an area where traditional V-twin and newer genre custom products can be showcased. At Orlando it quickly became one of the show’s highest traffic areas. There will be many exciting exhibits surrounding the Championship of the Americas, including an Artisan’s Row showcasing the talents of industry craftsmen and women, and the Skidmark Garage Showcase will provide a place for builders and enthusiasts to connect.
“The platform diversity of the emerging reboot of the custom market is exemplified by the fact that it is BMW who has stepped up to sponsor the Custom Culture Pavilion, and the involvement of the OEs in customization is one of the many hallmarks that differentiate the emerging market from the one that went before. Custom motorcycles and the people who want to ride them really have gone from being the enemy of the OE balance sheet to being its biggest driver.”

Andreani Group

Italian suspension specialist to make AIMExpo debut

In collaboration with its U.S. distributor Fast Bike Industries (Hendersonville, NC.), noted Italian suspension specialist Andreani Group is to make its AIMExpo debut as part of its drive to develop its American business.

"After the great interest in our products in America, we decided to take part in this worldwide event, presenting, together with our distributor Fast Bike Industries, our line of suspension upgrade performance kits and workshop suspension tuning equipment dedicated to helping dealers and motorcycle engineers arrive at the best possible suspension set-ups and handling for the bikes they are working on,” owner and former racer Giuseppe Andreani explained. 

“The goal is to further stimulate the American market by showing that although the Andreani brand is well known in the pit lanes of the world’s major race series, it is also one of the top suppliers of suspension products for street bike and off-road riders of all kinds – including Harley riders.
“We put our 30 years of experience into every one of our products, and that includes our products for V-twin and ‘Naked’ style motorcycle owners.”
Those products include the ‘Misano’ easy install replacement cartridge line we wrote about in AMD Magazine last month. Featuring 20mm pistons with increased oil passages, “our ‘Misano’ fork cartridge kit substantially upgrades the stock design. It has adjustable compression, extension and spring preload and a sophisticated hydraulic system that is said to guarantee excellent performance and improved handling in sport, urban and touring style riding.”
The ‘Misano’ is available for most naked and custom bike applications with 39 and 49mm forks, and many Harley models, including the 2016 - 2017 Dyna Street Bob/Fat Bob/Superglide, Dyna Low Rider S and Superglide, 1999 – 2004 Dyna Switchback, 2011 – 2015 Dyna Wide Glide, 2011 – 2017 Sportster 1200 Custom, 2010 - 2014 Iron 883, 2010 - 2015 Fortyeight 1200, Nightster XL1200N, XLH Standard (883, 883R, 1200R) models and V-Rods, and the 2003 – 2012 Nightrod Special.
In addition to their suspension upgrade kits, Andreani’s expertise has produced a series of tools and machines that facilitate the work of suspension technicians, including the company's flagship DB4 test bench (“a dynamometer for suspensions”), their advanced SP5 vacuum pump and specialist equipment for tuning front fork and shock absorber set-ups on road and off-road motorcycles.

Arnott Air Suspension

‘Ultimate Ride’ and ‘Smooth Ride’ suspension kits for ‘91 - ‘17 Dyna models

Merritt Island, Florida based Arnott Air Suspension has extended the range of applications for its ‘Ultimate Ride’ and ‘Smooth Ride’ height adjustable air suspension systems to include 1991 to 2017 Dyna models. 

Arnott’s completely redesigned line of TruAIR motorcycle air suspension kits are available in two options, their ‘Ultimate Ride’ and ‘Smooth Ride’ kits.
Arnott’s ‘Ultimate Ride’ kits for the Dyna feature two nitrogen charged FOX shock absorbers with optional rebound control knobs. Custom-designed for the Dyna, they replace the OE shocks on Dynas, including the Street Bob, Low Rider, Fat Bob and Wide Glide, “providing the rider with superior control, ride comfort and height adjustability.”
Arnott’s patent-pending design adds a rugged Goodyear air spring, “ensuring superior ride quality, and durability.” Arnott pairs the shocks with a small but powerful compressor, application-specific mounting bracket, and air distribution valve block, which includes a muffler to control how fast air is released. Available black or chrome.
Arnott’s ‘Smooth Ride’ kits for the ‘91-‘17 Dynas are “an excellent replacement for stock shocks, offering up to 2.25 inches of height adjustability while helping smooth out bumps and reducing painful bottoming.”

Custom-designed to provide “height control, comfort and great looks,” Arnott’s “affordable ‘Smooth Ride’ kit offers a “crisp, sporty ride, plus the luxury of inflating or deflating the rear shocks with an onboard switch.
“Ideal for shorter riders or those who are looking for a slammed look while parked, ‘Smooth Ride’ kits for the 2008 to 2017 Dyna offer a full 2.25 inches of travel (2.00 inches on 1991 to 2007 Dynas). Riders can rest flat-footed while stopped or manoeuvring the bike for parking. With a flick of the onboard toggle switch, riders can raise or lower the bike.”
The kit includes custom-tuned, high pressure nitrogen-charged dampers, designed to keep the rear tire in constant contact with the road, giving the rider the flexibility of setting the height of the bike’s rear suspension based on weight, height, road conditions and preference. Arnott pairs the shocks with their compressor, custom-machined mounting bracket and air distribution valve block with muffler. Also available in black or chrome.
All kits include fused wiring harness and relay assembly, handlebar-mounted inflation switch, all necessary tubing, cable ties, fittings, bolt covers and mounting accessories. “Each shock is custom-crafted and rigorously tested in Arnott’s Florida manufacturing facility” and backed by Arnott’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.
In early 2017, Arnott was awarded ISO 9001:2008 Management System Certification by ABS Quality Evaluations, an ABS Group Company, and the TÜV Rheinland Product Safety and Quality Certification, “assuring customers and partners in Europe that quality management systems conform to the highest standards.” Furthermore, Arnott’s products meet GOST ISO 9001-2011 Certification and the EurAsian Conformity (EAC) Mark for Arnott’s Quality Management System, which is required for export to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia.



Centurion audio configuration system

Best known for their tuning, fuel injection management and diagnostics systems, Royal Oak, Michigan based TechnoResearch has added to its ‘Centurion’ branded program with this new radio and speaker zoning and configuration system that doubles as a diagnostic tool.

It programs aftermarket radio and speakers, can activate intercom, Bluetooth, navigation/compass, CB, rear speaker switch, and more.
It also monitors engine parameters such as RPM, TPS, battery voltage, engine temperature, and allows the rider to read and clear DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) for ECU, TSSM, BCM, radio, speedometer and ABS.


Kibblewhite Precision Machining

Kibblewhite valvetrain system for M-8

Leading Californian valvetrain specialist Kibblewhite Precision Machining (KPMI) has brought a slew of product design updates to the market for Harley’s Milwaukee-Eight Touring model engines.

Wound from a blend of chrome silicon wire designed specifically for performance valvetrain, KPMI high-performance replacement and high lift beehive spring kits allow the choice of aggressive cam profiles, with lifts of up to .550” for performance builds that the stock springs wouldn’t be able to cope with reliably.
Its heat-treated steel retainers provide excellent durability and life expectancy and weigh only 2 g more than their titanium equivalent, but titanium retainers are offered for performance applications that require the lightest possible high strength parts available.
KPMI ‘Black Diamond’ intake and exhaust valves are said to offer combined weight savings of approximately 6.8 g over the OEM components, reducing wear and tear on the rest of the valvetrain and allowing the engine to rev higher. KPMI also offers ‘White Diamond’ Inconel exhaust valves for extreme duty applications with high exhaust gas temperatures.
Kibblewhite’s C630 nickel aluminum bronze guides extend the life of an engine build by providing greater wear resistance and heat dissipation than the OEM guides they replace. Manganese bronze and cast iron guides are also available as OEM replacements, which offer greater ease of installation and sizing than the C630 counterparts (a specially sized KPMI reamer is available).
All KPMI intake guides have port geometries with reduced cross sections for increased air flow; their OEM replacement keepers and valve stem seals are kept in stock dimensions.


S&S Cycle

4” slash-cut slip-ons for ’95-’18 Touring models

S&S Cycle has added to its 4” slip-on line with this slash-cut muffler for H-D touring models, featuring “clean styling, authoritative sound and an affordable price point.”
Available in chrome or ceramic black finish with fitment for 1995 through 2018 Baggers (including M-8 and Tri Glide), S&S says it is one of the few exhaust manufacturers to include a secondary stainless steel baffle (dB reducer), allowing the muffler to be tuned for sound and performance. 

In-house S&S R&D dyno testing showed that with the dB killer, a Stealth air cleaner kit and using the stock headers, the 4” slash-cut slip-on saw peak corrected horsepower of 81.02 against 76.27 for the stock set-up on a 2017 M-8 Street Glide and 101.77 ft lbs torque against the stock 98.13 ft lbs.
The slash-cut slip-on is made in the USA and 50-state legal on most touring models.